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Anti-corruption courses

Lund University Commissioned Education offers courses on the theme “Anti-corruption Policy of Sweden”.

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The anti-corruption courses can be adapted to the wishes of the participants and include lectures, discussions, workshops and study visits to Swedish authorities and companies working with anti-corruption issues. If requested, the course fee can also include board, lodging and social activities.

During 2011 the course was given to federal civil servants from Russian governmental organisations, as well as participants from the Office of Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption in Vietnam.

Examples of course content:

  • Background to the Swedish legal system, Swedish legislation on corruption-related practices and international comparison
  • International legal instruments concerning corruption
  • Codes of conduct and professional ethics
  • Principle of public administration in Sweden
  • Economic crimes and corruption
  • Sociological and social psychological perspectives
  • Public procurement
  • Corruption and social norms
  • Corruption and the role of mass media
  • Study visit to the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute
  • Study visit to the Swedish Prosecution Authority, a government authority against corruption
  • Study visit to Transparency International

Please contact us if you are interested in courses for yourself or for your staff.

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