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Testimonial about the course Von Willebrand disease

An open admission course from Lund University Commissioned Education

Profile picture of Johannes RischewskiJohannes Rischewski, Switzerland

Head of Department Paediatric Haemato- Oncology and Paediatric Haemophilia Center, Children's Hospital Lucerne, Switzerland.

How will you be able to apply the knowledge from the von Willebrand course in your everyday work?
I will restructure some aspects in our daily routines at the clinic concerning patients with von Willebrand disease.

What kind of new knowledge and lessons have you gained from the course?
The structured approach to von Willebrand disease was very helpful, and I did gain a much better understanding of molecular genetics and the appropriate diagnostics for the disorder.

What do you think about the quality of the course?
The quality of the course is very high. The number of participants was good as it made it easy to make new contacts within the field. It was very pleasant to meet colleagues face to face with whom I have had cooperations with before the course.

Learn more about the course Von Willebrand disease – From Theory to Clinical Practice (on the Faculty of Medicine website)


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