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Contact Us

University building in spring with pink magnolia flowers in the foreground

Lund University

Tel: +46 (0)46 222 0000

Postal address:
Lund University
Box 117, SE-221 00
Lund, Sweden

Visiting Lund University? Learn how to get here

Invoicing address:

Lund University
Name the faculty/department

Box 188,?SE-221 00
Lund, Sweden

Reference: First- and last name (of the person who placed the order)

Corporate identity number: 202100-3211
VAT number: SE202100321101

Lund University banking details (PDF 29 kB, new window?– updated 17 September 2019)

Studying at Lund University

  • For questions about international Master's and Bachelor's degree studies, please submit your question through this form
  • For questions about exchange studies, (for students from partner universities with formal exchange agreements,) please contact?studentreception [at] lu [dot] se

For general questions you can also contact the International Desk:

Tel: +46 (0)46 222 0100, Fax: +46 (0)46 222 4111
Visiting address:?Stora Algatan 4, Lund

University Vice-Chancellor and Management

Information about the University Vice-Chancellor and Management as well as contact details can be found on the linked page below.

University Management contact details

Corporate Communications and Press Office

Tel:?+46 (0)46 222 7010

Postal address: Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Paradisgatan 2, Lund?

Visit the Press Office web page

External Relations

Tel: +46 (0)46 222 0100, Fax: +46 46 222 4111

Visiting address: Stora Algatan 4, Lund

List of international contacts at Lund University

Lund University libraries

Tel: +46 46 222 0000, Fax: +46 46 222 4243

Postal address: Box 134, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Visit the Lund University libraries website


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