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LU in Social Media

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more
There are many ways in which you can find out about our activities and communicate with us through social media. Below is a list of the University’s general channels. There are many more pages, feeds and blogs at faculty and department level.


Lund University Facebook page – the official Lund University Facebook page is primarily aimed at prospective international students seeking admissions advice and pre-arrival steps. The page is also popular with our alumni. The page includes admissions related information, opportunities to meet Lund University around the world and to assist international students with their questions through the admissions process and pre-arrival steps before arriving at Lund University. The page is managed by International Marketing and Recruitment.

International Desk Facebook page – this is primarily aimed at current international students already here at Lund University. The page includes information regarding the Arrival Day and introduction/orientation week activities for new international students, regular posts with activities, seminars and special events organised for current international students throughout the semesters. Information about local city events and Swedish cultural?traditions is also provided. The page is managed by the International Desk (Student Experience team).


Lund University Twitter – the official Lund University Twitter account features a combination of trending research news, quirky stories and general tweets regarding events at Lund University. The account is managed by the International Press Officer.


Lund University on Instagram – the official Instagram account presents the different university environments in images/videos. Images and videos?are taken by current international students and members of staff. The account is managed by International Marketing and Recruitment.


Lund University LinkedIn – managed by the Alumni Relations team, this is the ideal way to connect with alumni and colleagues from Lund University and keep up-to-date with alumni meet-ups around the world.


Lund University international YouTube channel?features interviews with researchers, students and presentation information about Lund University. The account is managed by Corporate Communications.

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