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Campus locations

Lund University is based in the Sk?ne region of southern Sweden in Scandinavia, Northen Europe. Campus locations include Lund, Helsingborg, Malm? and Ljungbyhed.

Map of the Skane region and the Lund University Campus Locations

City of Lund

Lund University's main campus is located in the city of Lund, which is 15 minutes by train from Malm? (the third largest city in Sweden) and less than an hour from Copenhagen (Scandinavia’s largest city and the capital of Denmark). The city is famous for its bustling student life and academic traditions, its charming and historical city centre, and for being part of?an innovative and entrepreneurial region.

Read more about the city of Lund

City of Helsingborg

Campus Helsingborg has close to 4 000 students. Situated in the cosmopolitan city of Helsingborg, one of Sweden's fastest-growing communities, the campus is in walking distance from the railway station and is 30?minutes by train to Lund.

The Department of Service Management, Department of Communication Studies, the School of Social Work and the Faculty of Engineering offer selected courses and programmes at Campus Helsingborg.

Campus Helsingborg website

City of Malm?

Malm? is the third largest city in Sweden and the central station?is situated 10 minutes away by train from Lund and 20 minutes away from Copenhagen Airport.

A large number of Lund University staff and students live in Malm? and commute to Lund. Many staff and students living in Lund often visit Malm? to enjoy its many shops, nightclubs and cultural and sporting events.

The city is also home to Lund University’s Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, comprising the Malm? Academy of Music, the Malm? Art Academy and the Malm? Theatre Academy.

A significant proportion of the University’s medical training and research is done at Sk?ne University Hospital in Malm?. The hospital is one of the most important in Sweden, and is at the forefront of research and operations in a number of fields.

Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts website

Sk?ne University Hospital website


Lund University's School of Aviation (LUSA) is located in Ljungbyhed, an hour's drive north of Lund. Lund University is one of the few universities with higher education in aviation.

Lund University's School of Aviation website

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Mideval tower in central Helsingborg
Mideval tower in central Helsingborg

Students at cafe in the North Harbour area in Helsingborg
Students at cafe in the North Harbour area in Helsingborg

Turing Torso high rise in Malm?
Turing Torso in Malm?

Airplane at the Lund University School of Aviation in Ljungbyhed
Lund University's School of Aviation in Ljungbyhed


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