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Things to do in Sk?ne

Whether you are based at the Lund University campus in Lund, Helsingborg or Malm?, you will find plenty of things to see and do outside of your studies, research or teaching here in the southern Swedish region of Sk?ne. The New York Times named 52 places to go to in 2016 and Sk?ne was #9 on the list.

Key attractions in Sk?ne

In addition to a wide range of cafés, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and cultural and sporting activities, there are a number of tourist attractions located in Sk?ne and its surrounding areas. A few examples are listed below.

Lund Cathedral in Lund's city centre
Lund Cathedral


  • Domkyrkan is Lund's famous cathedral, consecrated in 1145. It features an impressive astronomical clock, dating from 1424.
  • Kulturen is an open-air museum, founded in 1892, which shows how people have lived and worked in Sweden through the ages.
  • The Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art was founded in 1934 by Ragnar Josephson, Professor of Art History at Lund University, and is a unique art museum focused on the creative process around the conception of public art, featuring sketches, preliminary works and models. Free entry for students.
  • The Lund University Historiska Museet, founded in 1805, is the second largest archaeological museum in Sweden. Among other finds, the collection includes a 7 000 year-old skeleton.
  • The Lund University Botaniska Tr?dg?rden (Botanical gardens) in Lund cover 8 hectares and feature around 7 000 different species.
  • Vattenhallen Science Centre?has inspiring and educational workshops, experiments and exhibitions on technology and science. It is a place where children and adults can learn together, so bring your family to one of the exhibitions or astronomy shows in the planetarium.?

Read more on the websites of these attractions and museums:

Shopping street in Helsingborg city center


  • Sofiero Palace and Gardens (which won 'Europe's Most Beautiful Park 2010') feature the 1864-built summer royal residence and extensive gardens, including 10 000 rhododendrons which bloom in late May. In summer, concerts are held in the gardens and in autumn activities such as the light fest are held.?
  • Frederiksdals Friluftsmuseum is one of Sweden's largest open air museums with historical buildings, parks and gardens.
  • Helsingborg's centre features interesting historical landmarks such as the K?rnan Tower (the remains of the medieval castle) as well as shops, cafés and a busy port where ferries run between Helsingborg to Helsing?r in Denmark.
  • From Helsingborg to Denmark's Helsing?r it is just a 20 minute boat ride. Helsing?r is where you can visit?Kronborg Castle, where Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' was set. The castle is a World Heritage Site.
  • During Konstrundan, artists in the northwestern part of Sk?ne display art in exhibition venues and in their homes.

Read more on the attraction websites here:

Concert with the Swedish artist Timbuktu
Malm? city's bustling night life


  • Malm? is Sweden's 3rd largest city with 343 000 residents.?
  • There are many?interesting sights and places to visit in Malm?, including the Turning Torso –?the tallest building in Sweden located in the modern V?stra Hamnen waterfront area, the Moderna Museet, Malm?hus Castle, Stor Torget - the main square, built in 1536 and the trendy bars and restaurants in the charming Lilla Torg, built in 1592.
  • Malm? has many beautiful parks including Pildammsparken and Folkets Park.
  • The annual Malm? Festival takes place in August and features top bands, dance, sport, international food stalls and other entertainment. There are also other events taking place in Malm? year round.

Websites with more information about attractions and activities in Malm?:

People sunbathing at sandhammaren beach in summer
Sandhammaren – one of Ystad's many beaches

Ystad and surroundings

  • Ystad is a charming town well worth visiting and is also home to a busy port with ferries to and from Poland and the Danish island of Bornholm.?
  • Fans of the character Inspector Kurt Wallander will find many familiar sights around the streets of Ystad, where the detective novels by Henning Mankell and TV series are set.
  • Ales stenar (Ale's stones) is one of the most popular attractions in Sweden. The 67 metre long monument comprises 59 stones.
  • Ystad's beaches offer soft white sand and soaring temperatures in the summer – Sandhammaren beach was voted 'Best beach in Sweden' in July 2010.
  • The Ystad International Military Tattoo is held in Ystad every two years, during August.
  • Glimmingehus is the best preserved medieval manor in Scandinavia. Construction began in 1499.

Websites for information about attractions in and around Ystad:

Nimis artwork on a remote beach in the Kulla peninsula
Nimis artwork on the Kulla peninsula. Photo by Jens Rydén/

M?lle and H?gan?s

  • The Kullaberg Nature Reserve is located at the tip of the Kulla Peninsula, northwest of Lund. Here you will find Sweden's strongest lighthouse light as well as dramatic cliffs, nature and a number of hiking trails.?
  • H?gan?s is known as a centre for pottery and ceramics. You can also visit the popular outlet stores with Scandinavian brands such as Kosta Boda, Orrefors, BodaNova, H?gan?s Keramik and Iittala. At the H?gan?s Saluhall (food market) - located in one of Swedens oldest pottery factories dating back to 1835 – you can buy locally grown produce, visit the resturant or café.?
  • Flickorna Lundgren is a charming coffee cottage near M?lle, dating back to 1732.

Websites with more information about attractions in H?gan?s and the Kulla Peninsula:


Picturesque buildings in Copenhagen
Picturesque buildings in Nyhavn, Copenhagen


  • Copenhagen is Denmark's capital city and the largest city in Scandinavia. Regular trains run between Copenhagen and Malm?/Lund/Helsingborg. It takes less than an hour to reach Copenhagen from Lund and Malm?.
  • Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world with charming gardens, rides and a variety of entertainment on offer.
  • Copenhagen is an easy place to visit to see some famous attractions such as the statue of The Little Mermaid, the Danish Royal Palaces, Nyhavn where colourful buildings line the waterside, art galleries, museums and excellent shopping.

Websites about Copenhagen:

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