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Work at Lund University

Lund University offers an impressive range of high-quality research and education, made possible by our 8 160 staff members and 40 000 students. In recent years, Lund University has consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Working at Lund University means being employed at a truly top-notch university.

Lund University is an excellent choice

There are many reasons why applying for a position at Lund University is a great decision. Discover what Lund University has to offer you.?

An attractive working environment

At Lund University,?you can expect to find – and will also be expected to contribute to – a supportive, stimulating and productive?working environment. We want our employees to thrive at work, perhaps by daring to go beyond the familiar territory?and exploring new paths.?The working environment at Lund University?is distinctly international – 30% of our employees and 50% of our researchers?are international – and further internationalisation is one of the key goals on our agenda.

Interdisciplinary research and excellent research facilities

Much?of the research conducted at Lund University is of an interdisciplinary nature. Because of our interdisciplinary collaborations across our broad disciplinary range, we are?particularly well-equipped to tackle complex global challenges. Our state-of-the-art?research facilities?contribute to this.?The world-leading MAX IV Laboratory and the European Spallation Source (ESS) are two of many examples of outstanding research?facilities that enable and enhance interdisciplinary research at Lund University and beyond.

Learn more about MAX IV and ESS

Great opportunities for collaboration

At Lund University, we also collaborate with over 640 universities in 70 countries, as well as with the authorities, the private sector?and wider society. The opportunities for networking and conditions for innovations are therefore excellent.???

Focus on your research and own it too

As an employed researcher at Lund University, you can focus on the research you are passionate about. You also have the unique right to own your research and findings, as well as the right to commercialise them.

Watch on YouTube: Linus Wibe, Director of Innovation at LU, explains this unique principle?

Great benefits for employees

As an employee at Lund University, you are entitled to the favourable?benefits regulated in Swedish law and agreements, as well as the benefits offered by Lund University, which even surpass the Swedish standard.

Learn more about benefits for employees at LU

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Got a job at Lund University?

Why work in Lund?


  • is well-connected and easy to reach
  • is compact
  • is?safe, green and clean
  • is?historic and picturesque
  • is a hub for?international companies
  • is part of a dynamic, innovative region

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Why work in Sweden?


  • Is a country where equality is key
  • Is second best at English as a second language
  • Is a country where you can achieve a good work-life balance
  • Is a country where workers have strong rights
  • Is a country with?a strong social safety net and an inclusive welfare system
  • Is a country?where living standards are high

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