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Meet our employees

In a major work environment survey that was conducted at Lund University, it was revealed that as many as 9 out of 10 employees are proud to work at Lund University. Meet some of them and find out why!

We asked our employees to give us their honest opinion on what it is like to work at Lund University, both the good and the bad, and this is what they said:

Portrait of Joan Yuan - a Lund University employee
Joan Yuan, Researcher at the Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy within the Faculty of Medicine

According to our staff survey, nine out of ten employees are proud to work at Lund University. Are you one of them?

“I have experienced Lund University both as a young student and now as an employee, just over a decade later. In the meantime, I have conducted research at two different institutions in the US. I am proud because Lund University is a higher education institution with a rich history that conducts world-class education and research.”

Would you advise colleagues in Sweden or abroad to come and work here and if so, why?

“I can’t speak for other areas, but within my research field I would definitely recommend Lund University to both Swedish and international colleagues. Otherwise I would not have chosen to return here after so many years! I am currently in a very cooperative environment with many stimulating colleagues and students. It is great to be able to cooperate so much, unlike my experiences in the US, where I often felt the effect of negative competition.”

Profile picture of Christian Bellodi
Cristian Bellodi, born in Italy in 1977, is a PI at Lund Stem Cell Centre and in the StemTherapy research programme.

From the University of Modena to the University of Leicester to the University of California… Why did you choose Lund University?

"I chose LU and particularly the Lund Stem Cell Centre for its organisation, resources and worldwide reputation as a powerhouse for stem cell and cancer research. As a young principal investigator just starting out, the scientific environment in Lund offers unique opportunities to synergise and build solid collaborations with outstanding scientists in different areas of biology highly focused on stem cell and cancer research."

What is your first impression of Lund?

"My first impression of Lund has been very positive: it is a gem in the south of Scandinavia! Lund is a charming small city with narrow cobblestone streets, magnificent brick buildings and a vibrant community of students. I am currently living in an apartment right in the heart of Lund city centre, and I really enjoy walking to the SCC every morning. That said, I am looking forward to discovering more about Lund and Sweden in the next five years."

Linus Wiebe, Director of Lund University Innovation Systems

Linus Wiebe, Director of Lund University Innovation Systems, explains the unique possibilities for researchers at Lund University?to start their own companies?or in other ways commercialise their ideas.

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Other testimonials by Lund University employees

A portrait of Cintia Bertacchi Uvo - a Lund University employee

Cintia Bertacchi Uvo, Professor in Water Resources Engineering, Lund University (originally from S?o Paulo)

"One of the main reasons I have continued to stay in Sweden is because it is a country that values equality and fairness. This is reflected throughout society and within the University with a focus on gender equality and the lack of hierarchy. These values have given me the freedom to define what I want to achieve in my career.”

Meet our employees

Pedro Fernandes Tavares,?project leader for the MAX IV Laboratory storage rings, shares his experience of working at Lund University and working in Sweden.

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