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Alumni Chapters

The Lund University Alumni Network now offers you (LU alumni) the opportunity to start regional groups. These groups can be casual or formal, large or small, social or academic, or whatever makes you feel connected to Lund University. Groups that organise regular activities and form a steering committee are eligible to be recognised by Lund University as an official alumni chapter. Learn more about how to start a chapter below!

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An alumni chapter is a formal group recognised by Lund University. The aim of a regional alumni chapter is to enhance relationships between alumni in the specified region and the University. This can help build an affinity to Lund University outside of Sweden via engaged and active alumni members.?


  • An alumni chapter is a great way to enhance your network of contacts and strengthen your connection to Lund University. Alumni can develop lasting friendships as well as gain experience and professional contacts.
  • A chapter can serve as a channel for alumni to provide feedback to the University and thus influence the University’s future.
  • Alumni are able to play a key role in contributing to the marketing of Lund University around the world.


  • Connect with other interested alumni and set up an initial meeting
  • Create a committee
  • Stay in touch with the LU Alumni office
  • Plan your first activity

Upgrade from Group Status to Chapter Status

Read through the Code of Conduct for Chapters (PDF 311 kB, opens in new window). If you feel that your regional group is ready to apply for Chapter status, fill in an application form (PDF 42 kB, opens in new window) and email it to the Alumni Office at info [at] alumni [dot] lu [dot] se. We will review your application and get back to you with the next steps.?

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