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Academic matters and support

Lund University offers a number of services and tools to help you as a current student with matters related to your studies.

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Study Guidance Service

You are welcome to visit our Study Guidance Service?for help regarding your study and career choices.

Read more about the Study Guidance Service

Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre offers consultations on academic writing, presentation skills and study skills.?

Read more about the Academic Support Centre

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services offer learning support services and contact with specialist teachers and mentors.

Read more about the Disability Support Services


Lund University has one of Sweden’s oldest and largest research library networks, with 26 libraries across the campuses.

Read more about libraries at Lund University

Degree projects database

Lund University's database of student projects (LUP Student Papers) allows you to search for theses, dissertations and degree projects published by students at Lund University. In most cases the documents are available for download.

Read more about the degree projects database

Degree Office

The Degree Office will issue your degree certificate upon your request once your studies are completed.?

Read more about applying for your degree certificate

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