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Lectures at the Academic Support Centre

Upcoming lectures, spring 2020

All open lectures are held at?Genetikhuset, S?lvegatan 29B in Lund. You need to sign up for these lectures in order to be able to participate.

Online lectures due to the coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Academic Support Centre is cancelling all physical meetings until further notice. We aim to replace them with online meetings. We are monitoring developments and will provide more information in due course.

Effective Reading Strategies?

19 February, 16:1518:00, room 306?

Effective reading strategies to help you better understand and remember what you read, including advice for tackling long reading lists and for taking better notes.

The Thesis Writing Process

24 February 16:15–18:00, aula (239)

Text invention strategies to help you get started with your thesis writing and tips on how to establish a good writing routine.

From Paper to Presentation: Engaging with Your Message and Your Audience

7 May, 16:15–18:00, online meeting?(physical meeting cancelled, please refer to the information on top of this webpage)??

Preparing for an upcoming thesis defense or other presentation? This interactive seminar introduces some principles of effective public speaking, including options for structuring your message and using the full range of tools available to you to engage your audience. These tools will help you harness nervous energy and use your body and voice effectively to emphasise your message. Come prepared to laugh and try something new!

Sign up for an open lecture

You cannot sign up for one of our open lectures at present.

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Lecture slides

You will be able to find the slides from our lectures here after they have taken place.


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