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Write Days for PhD students

Would you like to get away from your usual writing spot to better focus on your PhD project? Sign up for a Write Day at the Academic Support Centre to find other writers gathered to be focused, productive, and supportive!?

Studies have shown that informal 'writing retreats' like these boost motivation (writing can be enjoyable,?and talking about writing successes and challenges with others during breaks is really enjoyable!), increase productivity (you’ll set writing goals, eliminate your usual distractions, use friendly peer pressure to stay focused), and increase self-awareness (how much can you actually write in 1 hour? who are you as a writer?).?

Rules for Write Days:?

  1. Commit to a full day (09:00–16:30) or half day (09:00–12:00 or 13:00–16:30).?
  2. If you need to break your commitment, inform us and the other participants.?
  3. Take short breaks throughout the day; Fika is served, and we encourage you to take a lunch break, perhaps together!?
  4. Bring your own laptop.

Where? Genetikhuset, S?lvegatan 29 B?
When? About every 10–14 days

To sign up or enquire about the next date: send an email to english_support [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se, including:

  1. ?Your name
  2. ?Your faculty?
  3. ?Which phase of PhD studies you’re in?

If you’re interested in a PhD feedback group, please see this webpage.

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Academic Support Centre
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+46 (0)46 222 3695

Twitter: @ASCatLU

Visiting address, Lund:
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Visiting address, Helsingborg:
Campus Helsingborg
Room E204B

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