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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I apply for a degree certificate?

The degree certificate is a document that shows the title of the degree and the major that you have completed at Lund University and the courses included. It is a proof that you have assimilated the knowledge and skills that the degree requires.?You may need it when you apply for a job and/or continue with higher-level studies.

2. Will I receive a degree certificate automatically when I have completed my studies?

You have to apply for your degree certificate. It is issued upon your request. You can apply through the Student Portal or use an application form. Follow the instructions on the "Apply for your degree certificate" page.

How to apply for a degree certificate

3. What is a diploma supplement?

The diploma supplement is:

  • an appendix to a degree certificate, issued by a state higher education institution
  • an instrument for information regarding the Swedish higher education system, intended to make it easier for people with higher education to study and work in Europe
  • a precise and simple source of information which increases the understanding of individual degrees and documents
  • always issued in English.

The diploma supplement is not:

  • a substitute for the degree certificate. It is instead an appendix to the degree certificate
  • a guarantee that a programme will be recognised; or
  • a curriculum vitae (CV)

4. Is there any charge to get a degree certificate?

No, the degree certificate is issued free of charge.

5. How long is the processing time for a degree certificate?

Normally it takes about six-eight weeks to process an application. The processing time depends on workload and the complexity of the application. It is important that you ensure your application is complete. Instructions are found on the application forms.

6. Can changes be made to an issued degree certificate?

You cannot add or remove courses from an issued degree. Nor can the name be changed afterwards if you later change your name.?If you have changed your personal identity number you can get a new original certificate issued. Please contact?examen [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se.

7. Can I get my degree translated into English or other languages?

Your degree certificate is issued in both English and Swedish within the same document. If you need a separate English document, you can apply for an Official Transcript of Records. It is not possible to get the degree certificate translated into a language other than English at the Degree Office. For this, you need to contact an authorised translator.

8. Are there any priorities in the issuing process?

No. We process the applications strictly according to their date of arrival.

9.?My total sum of credits exceeds the amount needed for my degree. Can I include all my courses in my degree, even if they add up to more than the specified amount of credits?

No. The degree?must include the exact number of credits specified for that particular degree (180 credits for Bachelor's degree, 60 credits for a one-year Master's degree, 120 credits for a two-year Master's degree), no more, no less.

An exception is made when no combination of the applicant’s courses can be added up to the even number required: in these cases, the degree can include a few extra credits. Otherwise, courses exceeding the number of credits required must be left out of the degree. However, it is possible to get a (Ladok) transcript?either from the Student Portal or from your department showing all courses studied, including those not included in the degree.

Log in to the Student Portal to generate and print verifiable transcripts of records

10. Will there be a graduation ceremony where I can receive my degree certificate?

No. However some departments have a graduation ceremony for students finishing their studies. The certificate you get at this ceremony is not an official degree certificate. Please contact your department for information about such a ceremony.

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