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26 libraries, 15 000 e-journals and 500 databases
Lund University has one of Sweden’s oldest and largest research library networks, with 26 libraries across the campus and 200 librarians.

Students leaving and entering the University Library

Apart from the 26 libraries, the electronic library collection includes more than 15 000 e-journals, 500 databases and many e-books, dictionaries and encyclopaedias – a goldmine for students and researchers!

The University Library (UB)

The University Library (UB) is perhaps the most special of the libraries at Lund University. Founded in 1666, at the same time as the university, it is housed in a magnificent ivy-covered building and holds large collections extending over 2 000 years, covering practically all languages and subject fields.

At the libraries you will find course literature and reference material, places to study and often computer and group rooms where you can work. Many libraries provide training sessions to help improve your resource and information searching skills, in support of your studies here.

Lund University Libraries website

Open access to scientific documents

Lund University is also the first Swedish institute of higher education with an Open Access policy, giving free online access to scientific documents.

Search for databases, e-journals and e-books

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Public libraries

In addition, there are a number of public libraries, free of charge, in Lund, Malm? and Helsingborg. These libraries have a good selection of books, periodicals and newspapers, in many languages. The websites are mainly in Swedish, but some pages may be displayed in other languages by klicking in the upper right corner.

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