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Be a student health and safety representative

Do you want to represent other students on matters concerning the study and work environment? If so, becoming a student health and safety representative might be something for you.

What is a student health and safety representative?

The student health and safety representative works on the students’ behalf to:

  • Affect the working conditions with the aim of contributing to a good study environment
  • Take part in health and safety inspections
  • Assess how changes affect the students’ work environment
  • Stay abreast of work environment legislation.

The student health and safety representative is not responsible for the work environment.

People responsible for the study and work environment

Training for student health and safety?representatives

Lund University holds regular training courses for all student health and safety representatives.

How do I become a student health and safety?representative?

Student health and safety representatives are elected through your students’ union. Address any questions you may have about how and when this happens to your students’ union.

Students’ unions

List of current student health and safety representatives (PDF 56 kB, new window)?– updated March 2020

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Contact information

Chief Student Health and Safety Representative
v [dot] ordf [at] lus [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 70 821 3119

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