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Study guidance

The Study Guidance Service offers guidance and information when you are in the process of making educational or professional choices. We help you to clarify what your interests and abilities are prior to and during your studies.

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General?Study Guidance Service

We welcome both current students at Lund University?and those who are considering to study a degree programme or courses at Lund University in the future. You can book an appointment by emailing us at studyguidance [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Study Guidance Service is cancelling all physical meetings until further notice and switching to online or telephone meetings. At present, we are offering study guidance conversations via telephone or Zoom/Skype.

Drop-in study guidance via telephone

We have no bookable appointments before 15 April, the registration deadline for autumn studies. Because of this, we are offering drop-in study guidance via telephone for short study guidance sessions?on the following days:

  • Monday 6 April, 10:00–14:00
  • Tuesday 7 April,?10:00–14:00
  • Wednesday 8 April,?10:00–14:00
  • Thursday 9 April,?10:00–14:00
  • Tuesday 14 April,?10:00–14:00
  • Wednesday 15 April, 10:00–14:00

Faculty/department study guidance service

Study guidance and study information are also offered through the different Lund University faculties/departments, where you can access more detailed subject-related guidance with regards to the programmes and courses that are available at that particular faculty or department.

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General study guidance service

Ask questions or book an appointment
studyguidance [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se?(Please include your telephone number in the e-mail and some information about your questions.)

Visiting Adress:
S?lvegatan 29 B, Genetikhuset
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