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The Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre (ASC) aims to foster and promote good communication and study practices among students across Lund University.

Services at the Academic Support Centre

We are a free service open to all students studying courses and programmes conducted in English at Lund University. We?provide individual and group consultations (including feedback on texts), workshops and seminars on topics in three areas:

1. Academic texts and the writing process

  • Researching
  • Brainstorming
  • Pre-writing
  • Drafting and argument-building
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Clarifying and cohering
  • Revising
  • Editing

2. Speaking and presentation skills

  • Structuring an effective presentation
  • Using visual aids
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Delivery practice
  • Pronunciation and prosody

3. Reading and study skills

  • Time management and prioritising
  • Thinking critically
  • Reading strategies?

Make an appointment

The ASC is open for appointments Monday–Friday.

Online or telephone meetings due to the coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Academic Support Centre is cancelling all physical meetings until further notice and switching to online or telephone meetings. You book the meetings in the usual way by completing an online form.

To make an appointment, please use our online booking form (new window)

Read more about appointments at the Academic Support Centre

Lectures, workshops and writing groups

Support for students studying in Swedish

If you are studying courses or a programme at Lund University with Swedish as the language of instruction, please contact 'Studieverkstaden', our parallel organisation.

Read more on the Studieverkstaden webpages on

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Contact information

Academic Support Centre
english [dot] support [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se
Lund: +46 (0)46 222 3695
Helsingborg: +46 (
0)72 450 6352


Visiting address, Lund:
S?lvegatan 29B,?Lund

Visiting address, Helsingborg:
Campus Helsingborg
Room E204B

How to make an appointment
Appointments at the Academic Support Centre

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