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Careers Service

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Register with the University's career portal

All students at Lund University can register with the Careers Services’ career portal MyCareer through which more than 1 000 companies and organisations advertise their jobs, internships, thesis projects and postdoctoral positions to Lund University students.

Register on the MyCareer website

Careers Seminars

Seminars?on how to apply for jobs in Sweden and abroad, on?writing applications and CVs and preparing for interviews are held regularly in English.?From time to time, guest speakers are invited to talk about different career opportunities.

Find upcoming events in the MyCareer portal (Swedish and English)

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Faculty careers services

Students have access to dedicated careers services provided from their relevant faculty. Find contact information from these links:

Internships abroad

Getting international work experience within your area of study is enriching. There are several ways to find internships and funding, one of them being through Erasmus. The Careers Service provides assistance and guidance.

Find internship positions abroad through the MyCareer job portal

Internships abroad via Erasmus

Start a business or project

The University has an extensive support system for you, who wish to start a business or project. Learn more about VentureLab,?Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the?Lund University Student Innovation Centre.

Start a business or project

For employers

We give employers the opportunity to find potential employees and work placement candidates from the large number of international and national students at Lund University.

Employers can advertise at our website (no cost). In addition to job vacancies, employers can advertise a subject suitable for internship or a thesis project, postdoctoral research position or traineeship.

Read more about our job portal website and advertising as an employer

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