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Health care

To see a doctor or nurse regarding general medical issues, you see a public or private health centre (v?rdcentral).

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Health centres

For general medical issues, you can turn to health centres in Lund, Malm? or Helsingborg. It's up to you to decide which health centre (V?rdcentral) you wish to turn to – you can health centres close to you in the link below.

Health centre options and contact details at the Region Sk?ne website?(Note that this link takes you to a webpage in Swedish. The City of Lund results should display automatically when you click on the above link. If you wish to see the results for another municipality, such as Helsingborg or Malm?, you can type in the name of the municipality in the search field).

Always bring you ID card and if you don't have a Swedish social security number (Swedish personal number), also bring your admission Notification of Results/exchange Letter of Acceptance and proof of insurance.

If you need to see someone regarding?sexual health and contraception, please refer to the sexual health and contraception information.

Sexual health and contraception information

Out-of-hours help

Out-of-hours doctor

If you need a doctor in Lund after 17.00 or during the weekend,
call +46 (0)46 275 1900.

Free medical advice telephone service (open 24/7)

You can also call the free Medical Advice telephone service (Sjukv?rdsr?dgivningen), 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1177 to get:

  • Medical advice from a registered nurse
  • Advice on how to take care of yourself
  • Information on where you can go if your condition calls for care by a physician

Emergency 112

For emergencies or life-threatening situations, call 112. It is also possible to go to the emergency ward (akutmottagning) at the University Hospital directly, 24 hours a day.

Emergency psychiatric care:

Call +46 (0)46 17 41 00. The clinic is at Barav?gen 1, Lund.

Poison information:

Call +46 (0)8 33 12 31 during daytime, or in case of emergency call 112.

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Contact information

Dial 112

Free medical advice
Dial 1177

Emergency psychiatric care (Lund)?
+46 (0)46 17 41 00

Health centres
Find health centres on the Region Skane website

Out-of-hours doctor in Lund
+46 (0)46 275 1900

Student Health counselling
+46 (0)46? 222 4377

Womens Crisis Centre Lund
– women helping women

kvinnojourenlund [at] telia [dot] com
+46 (0)46 121 960
Opening hours on the Kvinnojouren i Lund Facebook page

Kvinnofridslinjen – national
help?line for women

Contact details on the Kvinnofridslinjen website

Health care in Lund, Sweden

The Student Guide has detailed information regarding local health clinics, pharmacies and other health related information. You receive a printed copy of the Student Guide in your Welcome Pack at the start of the semester, or you can download it from this page.
Student Guide 2017/18 (PDF 1.9 MB, opens in new window)

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