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Wireless internet

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Eduroam – an encrypted wireless network

Eduroam is an encrypted network and is a collaboration between a large number of universities around the world. Students from other universities that have Eduroam can log in on the Lund University campus. In the same way, Lund University students can connect using an Eduroam network at other universities.

Eduroam is also available at all the public libraries in the City of Lund and at CRC in Malm?. It will be extended to all the hospitals in the region in time.

Read more about Eduroam at

Connecting to Eduroam

To connect to Eduroam, add "" to your student account ID. For example, if your student account ID is fek09pha, your user ID for Eduroam will be?fek09pha [at] lu [dot] se.

Before you can connect to Eduroam, you need to configure your computer settings to Eduroam. If you have?Windows, Mac or Ubuntu,?you can use "Eduroam CAT" (Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool) to configure your computer.

Go to the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu)

NB! You username has to be your student account ID + (for example?fek14pha [at] lu [dot] se) to ensure that?Eduroam works outside of Lund University premises.

Instructions on how to manually configure Eduroam can be also be found in the PDF:s below:


Page Manager:

Contact information

IT-related issues can be reported through?the self-service portal,?email or using the phone (there is no physical walk-in desk).

LU ServiceDesk
servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
+46 (0)46 222 9000

Telephone hours

Self-service portal and
operating information


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