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On the Student Portal you can download a wide range of software programs. These include software from Microsoft, including Windows in several versions.

Licenses for programs

Students have access to a number of programs during their studies. Both the programs and any necessary user licenses can be downloaded from the Student Portal?under 'Service'. There you will also find the software programs made available by the Faculty of Engineering.

To retrieve the programs, you need to be connected by VPN if you are working from outside the University network, although this does not apply to programs from Microsoft. Program licenses from Microsoft apply even after completion of your studies, with the exception of?Office 365 whose license is only valid as long as your student account is active.

Find software on the Student Portal at

Mathematics – Matlab, Comsol and Maple

Many students at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, use the mathematics programs Matlab,?Comsol or Maple. Other students at Lund University use these programs for mathematical calculations. The University has user licenses for these programs which cover all students at Lund University.

The programs can be downloaded from the LTH software website and require you to log in with your Student Account.

Download mathematics programs from the LTH software website

Word processing – Microsoft?Word

The most common word processing program is Word from Microsoft Office.?The University has a contract for Microsoft Office 365 which covers all students and employees. Go to the Student Portal for instructions on how to retrieve and install Office 365. You also have access to Google’s Office package Google Drive via your Student Account.

Download Microsoft Office 365 from the Student Portal at

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