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Options for learning Swedish

Whether you would like to learn some Swedish alongside your degree or courses or your goal is to achieve a formal qualification in Swedish, there is a host of excellent opportunities for students at Lund University.

students practising languages at Cafe Multilingua

Options for learning Swedish depend somewhat on whether you are an exchange student or a degree student, the duration of your studies?and whether or not you pay tuition fees.

Exchange students

For exchange students, the?two main options are:

  • An Introductory Swedish Language Course (SUSA) that is offered during the orientation weeks (3 ECTS, if successfully completed)
  • Swedish Language Courses (SVE) that can be taken as a part of your study plan (7.5 ECTS per course, if successfully completed)

Read more about SUSA and SVE Swedish language courses for exchange students

Degree students

Studying a one-year degree programme

If you are studying a one-year degree programme, you are eligible for an?introductory Swedish course that runs for 2–3 weeks. You will receive a link to sign up for this course around early June. Please note that places are limited and that students who pay tuition fees (non-EU/EEA students) are given preference.

Studying a degree programme longer than one year

If you are studying a degree programme that takes longer than one year to complete, you are eligible for so-called ‘Swedish for Immigrants’ (SFI) courses offered by a school for adult education, ‘Komvux’, in your city of residence. Note that you need a Swedish personal identification number (‘personnummer’) in order to be able to apply for these courses. After you have arrived in Sweden, you should apply for this personal identification number from the Swedish Tax Agency (‘Skatteverket’) as soon as possible. Once you have received it, you can apply for SFI courses. The courses are free of charge, but be aware that there may be long waiting lists, as there are many applicants and a limited number of places.

Read more about the Swedish personal identification number on the Swedish Tax Agency website
Read more about the SFI courses on the Lund Municipality website

PhD students

At Lund University, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are considered as employees. The University offers Swedish courses for employees (SFU). Discuss this option with your supervisor and find more information by clicking the link below.

Read more about SFU on

Other options open to all students

Learning outside the classroom: language cafés?

For those who want to learn Swedish in a more informal way, while enjoying a fika, there are several language cafés to choose from. These include:

Eos Kulturbro, hosted by EOS Cares
Mondays 18:00–19:30 | S:t Petri Kyrkogata 6, Lunds Stadsbibliotek
Swedes and internationals can meet to mingle, network, get to know each other, ask questions and speak about different topics in Swedish, and get to know more about Swedish culture. You don’t need to sign up beforehand.

Follow the recurring event on Facebook

Eos Prata Svenska, hosted by Eos Cares
Wednesdays 10:00–12:00 | Arkivgatan 32, Eoshallen
This language café is part of a programme for integration and social responsibility (Eos Cares). It is?open to anyone who would like to practise their Swedish. You don’t need to sign up beforehand.

For more information, join the Facebook group or follow the recurring event on Facebook

Café Multilingua, hosted by the HT student union?and SOL
Wednesdays 17:00–19:00 | Helgonabacken 12, SOL, Absalom
Lund University students can practise their Swedish as well several other languages with each other at this language café. You don’t need to sign up beforehand, but you do need to prove that you are a member of Studentlund in order to be able to participate.

Read more?on the Café Multilingua Facebook page or on the HT student union website

Eos Language Café,?hosted by Eos Cares
Saturdays 13:00–15:00 | Arkivgatan 32, Eoshallen
This language café is part of a programme for integration and social responsibility (Eos Cares).?It is open to anyone who would like to practise Swedish or other languages.?You don’t need to sign up beforehand.

Read more?on the Eos Facebook page

More language?cafés in and around Lund (PDF 116 kB, new window)

Paid courses

Folkuniversitetet (a local provider of adult education) offers?Swedish language courses for beginners, intermediate learners and advanced learners. Courses are available in Lund, Malm? and Helsingborg. These courses involve costs.

Find more information about these courses on the Folkuniversitetet website

Full-time Swedish studies

If you?would like to develop a profound knowledge of the Swedish language and/or achieve a formal qualification in Swedish to become eligible for studies in Swedish at a Swedish Higher Education Institution, Lund University's?full-time Study Abroad Swedish Language programmes are the recommended course of action.

Read more about the Study Abroad Swedish Language programmes

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