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Photo competition for new students #hejlunduni

Share your first impressions via Instagram
Are you a new international student at Lund University? Would you like your photo to be featured on the official @lunduniversity Instagram account? We would love to share your first impressions of life in Sweden and at Lund University!?

international student at Ales Stenar in Sk?ne

How to join the competition

The next photo competition will take place from 14?to 28?January 2020, during the Orientation Weeks for new international students.

Use the hashtag #hejlunduni on a photo or video of yourself, along with a short description of your first impressions of Lund University for the opportunity to be featured on the official @lunduniversity Instagram account.

Your photo or video could be anything from an orientation week activity, a social event, your new favourite place in Lund, or a moment with new classmates or friends. The choice is yours!

All new international students?at Lund University, across all campuses, are welcome to use the hashtag #hejlunduni. Just remember to include yourself in the photo! We want to show the experience of Lund through your eyes!?

Winning photos

We will be featuring selected photos and videos with the hashtag #hejlunduni during the orientation weeks?on the official @lunduniversity Instagram account. If selected, you will be contacted by the official @lunduniversity account to confirm your permission for us to feature your photo/video on our account.?

In addition, a?panel of judges from Lund University will select?one winning photo or video each week (two winners in total)?with the hashtag #hejlunduni.?These two winners?will each receive?a Lund University backpack! The winners will announced on the official?@lunduniversity Instagram account.

Eligibility and rules

Entrants?must be admitted to?a degree?programme, study abroad programme?or accepted as an exchange student at Lund University for studies starting?spring 2020.

Please remember to keep the content and language used in your posts respectful and inclusive at all times, in accordance with the values of Lund University.?

Welcome to Lund University and good luck!

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