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Sustainable living

As a new student, it is helpful to know what is expected in Swedish society in terms of sorting your own waste and other ideas to help support a more sustainable lifestyle.

girl sorting recycling into bins under kitchen sink
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Waste separation

Most Swedes, including students,?separate all recyclable waste in their homes and deposit it at a recycling station (located at the apartment complex or in a nearby street).?In fact, Swedes recycle nearly 100 per cent of their household waste!

There are strict guidelines on?how to correctly sort plastics, paper, metal, food scraps and so on. As a new international student, you can get up to speed on what is expected by reading the waste separation guidelines (see link below).

Be sure to?find out how and exactly where you should deposit your separated waste at your?accommodation and at your study department. Ask questions if you are not sure!

Plastic soda bottles and?cans can be recycled?at the "pant" machines at the supermarket (and you get a?voucher refunding the bottle/can deposit).?

Sustainability tips for Lund University students

"Sustainable Lund – A sustainability guide for international students at Lund University"?is a project by Master’s students from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. The website compiles useful information and resources about local stores and organisations in and around Lund on topics such as second-hand stores, organic food, travel, charitable trusts and even "plogging" – the Swedish trend of jogging while picking up rubbish.

Sustainable Lund video

Website: Sustainable Lund – A sustainability guide for international students at Lund University

Other resources

Lund University Sustainability Forum

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

Lund University Centre for Sustainability Science (LUCSUS)

Lund Municipality's webpage about recycling

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