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Grants and scholarships for study abroad

For current Lund University students

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Within Europe

Student exchange with grants

If you want to study outside Sweden but within the Nordic countries or Europe, you can apply for a Nordplus or Erasmus grant. The grant is intended to cover extra costs?you incur in conjunction with your stay abroad. In order to apply for a Nordplus or Erasmus grant, you must have been nominated for exchange studies through Lund University’s central exchange programme or through your department/faculty.

Learn more about the Nordplus grant

Learn more about the Erasmus grant

Outside Europe

Fieldwork with grants

There are other study abroad programmes that offer generous grants, such as the Minor Field Studies (MFS) programme for fieldwork and the Crafoord Foundation.

Learn more about Minor Field Studies (MFS) scholarship

Learn more about the Crafoord Foundation travel grant

Summer activities?with grants

Lund University offers grants for students attending Universitas 21 (U21) summer activities. These activities?take place?at different Universitas 21?universities, in or outside of Europe:

Learn more about U21?Global Opportunities (including the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference)

Learn more about U21 Summer School

If you have been nominated to attend the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference, you can apply for a travel grant. In order to be nominated, you need to apply for exchange studies through Lund University’s central exchange programme – the application period is usually between?15 February–15 March.

Learn more?about summer activities

Other programmes and networks with grants

Lund University is also a member of various different networks and programmes that aim to increase collaboration between universities in different regions, often by facilitating student exchange. If you want to study abroad, you may find it interesting to read more about these collaborations.

Learn more about our international programmes and collaborations

External scholarships

There may be other?external scholarship opportunities for current Lund University students who wish to study abroad.?Note that these scholarships are?not?managed by Lund University and that you?cannot?apply for them through the Lund University scholarship application system. Please contact the specific organisations directly if you have questions about the scholarships.

'Dream NEW' Scholarship for studies in New Zealand

The 'Dream NEW' Scholarship (funded by Education New Zealand) awards scholarships to enable Bachelor's and Master's students to spend a semester abroad at any one of eight universities in New Zealand.

Learn more about the Dream NEW scholarship on the European Funding Guide website

See a list?of other external scholarship providers which may offer a relevant opportunity?

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