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Minor Field Studies

Through Sida’s Minor Field Studies (MFS) scholarship, you can spend from 8 weeks in a developing country conducting a minor field study for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree project.

Am I eligible for the MFS scholarship?

In order to be considered eligible for the MFS scholarship, you should:

  • Be a Swedish citizen OR a citizen of another Nordic country who has been living in Sweden on a permanent basis for at least one year by the application date OR an international citizen who has been granted Permanent Right of Residence (PUT)* in Sweden.?
  • Be a Bachelor's or Master's student enrolled at Lund University – and not a PhD student – who needs to collect data for their degree project.
  • Be proficient in English. If the language of the host country is French, Spanish or Portuguese and you plan to write your study in one of those languages,?you must have acquired language qualifications equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school step 3 level in this language.??
  • Have a good understanding of the Swedish language.
  • Not have received any scholarship for fieldwork concerning development before?(including MFS).
    You can apply if you have studied or spent time in a developing country.
  • Have an active interest in international affairs.

* Note that EU citizens’ Right of Residence for work and studies is not the same thing as Permanent Right of Residence (PUT).

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship is a financial contribution that partly covers the expenses incurred during a field study. It usually needs to be complemented with funding from e.g. CSN. The scholarship amounts to SEK 27 000.

Application rounds

  • 5–25 April 2020

Visit the Swedish version of this webpage on for more information on the application process.?

If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please contact the Minor Field Studies Officer at the Divison of External Relations:?MFS [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se.

Your safety during an MFS

Conducting?a?field study may?involve being subject to certain risks to your health and?safety. No scholarships will be granted for countries the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD) advises?against travelling to.? ??

If you are currently doing an MFS in a country with such a?travel advisory, you?should end your fieldwork immediately and return to Sweden. If you have to end your MFS due to recommendations from UD, you will not be liable?to return the scholarship funding you have received.

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