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Application fee or proof of fee exemption

In order to have your application processed, non-EU citizens must pay the application fee by the deadline (1 February if you are applying to autumn studies*). If you have an EU citizenship or other exemption from the application fee, you must have submitted proof of this by the same deadline.
(*Note that due to 1 February 2020 being on a weekend, the application fee deadline for autumn 2020 studies is 3 February 2020.)

Read more about the application fee

Official transcripts and?certificates

You submit all official certificates and transcripts required for your application to University Admissions in Sweden.?You?do not submit these documents directly to Lund University.

Depending on the country you have studied in, you may be able to scan and upload?the original documents. Make sure to check the country-specific document rules before applying! If uploading is not allowed for your transcripts or certificates, then these should be sent in hardcopy to University Admissions in Sweden (either by post or delivery service address – the details are listed with the country-specific instructions).

Copies of certificates or diplomas sent by regular post must be certified by?your university with an original signature or university stamp. Copies?can also be certified by a notary public.

Uploaded documents do not need to be certified, as you are required to scan the original documents.

Note that for some countries, the university must send the transcripts directly to University Admission in Sweden and you cannot send them yourself.?

If your documents are issued in any language other than Swedish, Danish,?Norwegian or English,?you will need an authorised translation. Your university will be able to provide you with translated transcripts or with a list of authorised translators.


Additional documents – final year Bachelor's students

Final year undergraduate students applying to a Master's programme need to include additional documents with their application.

Requirements for final year Bachelor's students

Studied in Sweden before?

If you are applying to a Master's programme and have studied you entire Bachelor's programme in Sweden and all your academic credits are registered in the student records system Ladok, you do not have to submit any transcripts or your diploma when applying. However, you do need to submit any required programme-specific documents.

Students with a Swedish personal identification number are not required to submit a cover sheet with their supporting documents, instead they should supply their personal identification number on all pages of the documents they submit to University Admissions in Sweden.

Supporting documents, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation

It is very important that you also check each programme’s webpage information to see if they request any additional supporting documents with your application. Many programmes require that you submit a statement of purpose (also known as a letter of intent or a personal statement) and in some cases they may even provide a template. Some programmes may also request a CV, letters of recommendation or a writing sample (as examples).?Please carefully review the programme's admission and selection criteria.

You also submit these additional supporting documents to University Admissions in Sweden. However, for a few of our programmes, you are requested to send supporting documents directly to the programme administrator at Lund University (in which case this will be stated in the application instructions on the programme webpages).

Portfolios – architecture and design students

A small number of Lund University programmes (mainly in architecture and design) request that a portfolio of work be submitted as part of the selection process. These portfolios are usually sent directly?to the programme administrator at Lund University. Always check the programme’s document and selection requirements to ensure you do not miss any required documentation.

Check the programme webpages for any additional document requirements

Proof of English

The documentation that students need to submit as proof of their English proficiency varies, depending on the country in which the student studied and the requirements of the specific programme.

It is important that you check the programme's English language proficiency level requirements and instructions on what proof of English?the course or programme that you are applying to requires.?

If your previous studies were not taught in English, you will in most cases need to demonstrate language proficiency through an internationally recognised test (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL).

Even if you have previously studied in English, it does not automatically mean that you are exempt from demonstrating your language proficiency through an internationally recognised test. Check the exemptions on and make sure that you meet one of these exemptions exactly as described. It is, for example, not enough to send a certificate from your university stating that you have studied in English.?

Rules regarding proof of English proficiency at the website:

Checking if documents arrived

You can see if your documents have been received by University Admissions in Sweden by logging into your online account at and checking your application status.?

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Video about how to apply

Watch on YouTube: How to apply for a Master's at Lund University

Admissions questions

University Admissions in Sweden
For official information regarding the application process, general entry requirements, document requirements and rules, English proficiency tests and exemptions, tuition and application fees and exemptions, visit?

Programme coordinators
For information regarding whether a programme is right for you or to check specific programme/course content, it is best to contact the programme directly. Find contact details with the programme/course descriptions.

Lund University Admissions Office
University Admissions in Sweden's website provides all formal requirements and rules regarding admission. For further questions regarding a specific application to Lund University,?contact the Lund University Admissions Office using the admissions office contact form.

You can also telephone +46 (0)46 222 9300 (select option 3), Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, between 10:00–12:00.

General study information
For general information about studies at Lund University you can:

facebook logo – click to go to Lund University's Facebook page?Post your question on the Lund University Facebook page?or

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