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Ranking your choices

Rank programmes in order of preference

If you are applying for Master's degree studies, you can choose to apply for?up to four programmes in the one application on the University Admissions in Sweden application website. If you are applying for Bachelor's degree studies, the maximum number of programmes you can apply for is eight. However, you?can only be offered admission to one programme in both cases.

If you apply to more than one programme, it is extremely important to rank the programmes in order of your preference (i.e. rank the programme/university that you would most like to be admitted to as priority 1 and your next choice as priority 2, and so on).?

If you meet the admission requirements and there is a place available, you will be made an offer for the programme you have given the highest rank to in your list. This means that you will be evaluated for your first choice first.

If you are offered admission to your first-choice programme, your other programmes choices will be deleted. If you are not offered a place in the first programme on your list, only then can you be offered admission for your second choice, and so on.

Also note that the way in which you rank programmes is taken into account when applying for scholarships.

Read more about ranking your programme choices at the University Admissions in Sweden webpage

Change the ranking order of programmes

You can change the order of your programme ranking at any time before the online application deadline.?After the application deadline, you cannot make changes to the priority order of the?courses/programmes to which you have applied.

Read more about changing the ranking order at the University Admissions in Sweden webpage

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