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Preparing to use US student loans

Information for US students admitted to Lund University who plan to use Title IV US Loans to fund their studies and/or living costs.

Timeline and key steps for autumn 2019

By 4 April 2019

File your FAFSA using the Lund University school code G10067.

You must actively notify the Lund University Financial Aid Officer if you are admitted,?so?we know to process it:?studielan [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se. If you do not notify us, it will not?be processed.?Be sure to inform us of your application number and of any different names used in your FAFSA application compared to your admissions application. Allow a few weeks of processing time.

Admission results are announced on 4 April via your account.

NOTE: Bachelor's applicants:?You have until 18 April to submit your FAFSA using the school code G10067. If you are admitted, you must actively notify the Lund University Financial Aid Officer so we know to process it – please do so on 18?April when admission results are announced via your account.

By early May 2019

The Financial Aid Officer?sends preliminary Award Letters to admitted students who filed their FAFSA by 4 April (or Bachelor's students who filed their FAFSA by 18 April).?This letter explains the amount you are able to borrow and the steps you need to complete in order to use Title IV loans at Lund University. You need to reply to this to confirm how much you wish to borrow and if you will use Title IV Loans to pay your tuition fee.

By 10 May 2019

Deadline to?reply to the Lund University Financial Aid Officer to advise the amount you intend to borrow and if you will?use Title IV Loans to pay your tuition fee.

The Financial Aid Officer will send?you a confirmation of your requested loan amount and inform the tuition fee office, LU Accommodation?and the Swedish Migration Agency that you are approved for using?US Loans for tuition and/or living costs.

Apply for your residence permit as soon as?you receive this confirmation of the requested loan amount from the?Financial Aid Officer. Do not apply for the residence permit before you have received this confirmation from us, or you risk extensive delays in processing time. You may submit your Award Letter as proof of funding.

By 20 May 2019

If you will only use US loans for living costs and?need to pay partial or full tuition,?20 May is the deadline to pay the?first tuition instalment through the Student Portal (via credit card or bank transfer).

If you are using US loans for full tuition costs, you do not make the payment yourself. The payment is processed?by the Financial Aid Officer instead.


Once you receive your residence permit decision we recommend that you get your biometric data and residence permit card organised while in the US, if possible and practical (the Swedish Embassy is located in?Washington D.C.) Getting your residence permit card in the US?saves you time later on, especially if you will need funds very soon after arrival in Sweden.?

20 August 2019?to mid-September

Arrival Day for new international students, followed by orientation weeks and the start of the semester.

  • Prioritise booking an appointment at?the Swedish Migration Office to finalise your biometric data and residence permit card, if you do not already have one. You will need the residence permit?card for additional steps leading up to the first disbursement of funds.
  • Prioritise organising your Swedish personal number if you will be studying in Sweden more than one year
  • Prioritise?setting up a bank account, in order to be able to receive your first disbursement of funds sooner rather than later.?

If you will studying in Sweden for more than a year, you need to?apply for a Swedish personal number from the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket. You can do this as soon as you?have arrived in Sweden and have a residence permit card.?

Once you have applied for and received the official Swedish personal number from Skatteverket, set up a Swedish bank account at a bank of your choice. Note that different banks may have different document requirements.?

Students who are studying in Sweden for less than one year cannot get a Swedish personal number from Skatteverket. However selected bank branches in Lund can assist you with opening an account for US loan disbursement once you are in Sweden. You will receive information about this from the Financial Aid Officer.

  • Once you have your bank account, prioritise booking?a time to meet the Financial Aid Officer to arrange disbursement of funds.

Read more about the disbursement of funds and what to expect

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