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Lund University offers two international Master's programmes in law. Click on the name below to get to the programme webpage where you can read more about the specific programme, find information about the entry requirements, tuition fees and step-by-step instructions on how to apply. You can also download?programme fact sheets directly, using the links below. The fact sheets open in a new window.?

Master's programmes in law

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Bachelor's programmes in law

There are no Bachelor’s programmes offered in English within this subject area.

See list of all Bachelor’s programmes taught in English at Lund University

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Studying at the Faculty of Law

Legal education and research at Lund University is committed to providing an environment where education and research cross-fertilise.

The Faculty of Law?aspires to expand and maintain its role as an?Legal education and research at Lund University is committed?to providing an environment where education and research?cross-fertilise.?The Faculty of Law aspires to expand and maintain its role?as an international player in legal scholarship, second to none?in a growing number of areas. Our legal education is based?on strong research traditions and close links to different parts?of the legal community in Sweden beyond. Our graduates?find career opportunities in an increasing variety of legal?professions worldwide, including national and international?legal institutions, NGOs, and the private sector.

Our research is carried out in all central legal fields and it?is distinguished by its breadth and diversity. Many research?projects carried out at the Faculty are characterised by the?impact of globalisation and the challenges that a law at a?crossroads between different cultures faces.

Lund University’s Faculty of Law is particularly strong?in public international law, international human rights law,?EU law, elder law, labour law, environmental law and legal?philosophy. Also, the number of interdisciplinary projects is?increasing, involving researchers from different legal fields,?as well as from other academic disciplines.

Our Master’s students have consistently excelled over?the years and this has paved their way to attractive career?options. Student teams from Lund University’s Master’s programmes?have competed successfully at International Moot?Court competitions and won prestigious prizes on several?occasions.

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