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Sustainable, Inclusive and Climate-Resilient Cities

Capacity development programme based on Agenda 2030

programme participants listening to their guide during an urban walk
Johanna Alkan Olsson, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University, guides the programme participants on an urban walk in Lund, September 2019. Photo: Kennet Ruona

About the programme

The capacity development programme Sustainable, Inclusive and Climate-Resilient Cities at Lund University focuses on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 – Sustainable cities and communities – of Agenda 2030.?

Learn more about the 17 SDGs on the UN website

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of civil servants working in municipalities or regional administration to create sustainable, inclusive and climate-resilient cities. The programme combines knowledge of the effects of climate change on the urban environment, the value of green spaces for recreation, food production and climate adaptation.

The programme consists of four modules: an online course with independent tasks and studies, a two-week module in Lund, Sweden, a module in the participants' home countries where they work on their change projects, and a concluding online conference with the purpose of disseminating the results from the change projects.

The programme is developed and hosted?by the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University (CEC) and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI), in cooperation with Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE).

The participants and the change projects

The participants come from Indonesia, Turkey and Zimbabwe. During the programme, they have all planned, coordinated, developed and launched an innovative change project. The purpose of the projects is to increase the possibilities for discussion around urban sustainability challenges in relation to climate in a concrete way, thereby deepening the learning experience.

More information about the programme

See the programme brochure (PDF 834?kB, new window)

Read an article about the programme in Lund University Magazine

Read an article about the programme on the RWI website

Read an article about the programme that was printed in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan (PDF 975 kB, new window)

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