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Open admission courses

Individuals who are sponsored by their company or organisation have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge through our open admission courses

Students in an eye-tracking course
From the course 'A Practical Introduction to Eye Tracking'

Our open admission courses are offered?within our ordinary range of commissioned education courses.?Prospective students apply through their employer and the courses are always paid for by the employer.

Assessment, certificates and academic credits

Many of our open admission courses lead to academic credits if passed. The course description will indicate if this is the case. The assessment on these courses is as demanding as on other university courses and your course certificate and credits have the same status as they would on an ordinary university course.

Admission requirements – no formal qualifications needed

Your experience is valuable and you therefore do not need to show any school certificates or other qualifications to be admitted to a commissioned course. This applies even if the course is worth academic credits.


See the courses that are currently offered in the course catalogue

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