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Testimonials from our course participants

Lund University's commissioned education courses and programmes are well established in both the private and public sectors. Here we present a selection of testimonials and recommendations from those who have commissioned us as a partner for skills development and training over the years.

Michael GoldbergA Practical Introduction to Eye Tracking
(open admission course)

Michael Goldberg

"I can now conduct more in-depth analyses"

Testimonials about the course A Practical Introduction to Eye Tracking



Johannes Rischewski, course participant at the course Von Willebrand diseaseVon Willebrand Disease
(open admission course)

Johannes Rischewski

“I gained a much better understanding of molecular genetics and the appropriate diagnostics for the disorder.”

Testimonials about the course Von Willebrand Disease


Urszula Kowalska, participant in the Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship course

Soft Skills & Entrepreneurship
(tailor-made for the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

Urszula Kowalska

“Before taking the course, I didn’t think of becoming an entrepreneur at all. But now I truly believe that it is possible to develop something – perhaps to open a translation office.”

Testimonials on Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship


Sana Alkatheri, course participant in the Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery courseRehabilitation in Hand Surgery?(open admission course)

Sana Alkatheri

"Hand rehabilitation is not considered to be a strong area in Saudi Arabia and there are no expert hand therapists to exchange and develop knowledge with. Because of that, I started to look for courses in other parts of the world to improve my skills in hand rehabilitation and to become a certified hand therapist."

Testimonials on the course in Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery


Michiel Coppens

Haemophilia – from Diagnosis to Therapy (open admission course)

Michiel Coppens

“The course is useful because Hemophilia is a rare disease and it is next to impossible to get an insight on the national level. You really need the world experts.”

Testimonials about the course in Haemophilia



Michel Gaudreau, participant of the Human Factors and System Safety course at Lund UniversityHuman Factors and System Saftey
(open admission course)

Michel Gaudreau, Korean Air

“I searched for Master’s programmes all over the world, but I always kept coming back to Lund University. It has the best curriculum and has world renowned instructors.”

Testimonials about the course in Human Factors and System Safety


Reiza Mutia, from IndonesiaInnovation Systems & Entrepreneurship (tailor-made course)

Reiza Mutia

“The best experiences in Lund have been seeing how people and parties within the innovation system collaborate. I have come to understand the importance of the collaboration between the university, state, and industry and how essential it is for a successful innovation system.”

Testimonials about the course in Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship


Rania, course participant at the Master's in Social Innovation in a Digital context

Social Innovation in a Digital Context (capacity building programme)

Rania Joseph

"A lot of participants in Social Innovation in a Digital Context are making good changes. Listening to their stories and experiences humbles me. It makes me believe that I can create change. During the programme I have learned a lot about different social norms, and this has been very important for me as my own project has to address this."

Testimonials about the Master's in Social Innovation in a Digital Context

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