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Meet Lund University

There are several opportunities for you to meet Lund University representatives throughout the academic year, both virtually and physically. Digital options include joining one of our webinars and chatting with our current students through the Unibuddy Platform. You can physically meet staff, current students and alumni at fairs and events in Lund or abroad.


In our rapidly globalising world, we are working towards?increasing our digitalisation efforts and online presence from a sustainability perspective. For you, this means that there are several different opportunities to meet us online.

These options include participating in webinars – for prospective students, applicants or admitted students – and Facebook Live sessions, as well as?chatting with our current students through the Unibuddy Platform. You are also always welcome to contact the International Marketing and Recruitment team if you have any questions regarding?degree studies at Lund University.

At Lund

It is of course also possible to physically meet Lund University staff or students on campus, for example by joining us for the Master's information session held in spring, for a?campus tour preceded by an open information session in summer, or for the Lund University Graduate Fair held in autumn.

If you decide to visit Lund before applying for or?starting studies with us, stopping by the International Desk is a good way to get answers to your more general questions about the city of Lund, student life, studying at Lund University and practical matters.

For more specific information about the degree programme you are planning to apply to or have been admitted to, you can also reach out to the programme?coordinator and set up?an appointment with them. You will find their contact details on the programme webpage.

*Check the International Desk webpage for current opening hours.

In a city near you

Lund University attends selected graduate fairs and on-campus events around the world, so you may be able to meet Lund University staff, students or alumni?in a city near you. In some countries – currently in Thailand, India, China and Turkey – you can also turn to one of our international representatives for counselling.?

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