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In a city near you

Lund University participates in a number of selected fairs and events around the world. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet us personally in a city near you and get answers to your questions about studies at Lund University. In addition, we have formal agreements with education consultants in a few countries, so you can also address your questions to them.

a prospective students and a Lund University representative at a fair

Fairs and?events in a city near you

Lund University representatives participate in a number of?international education fairs and on-campus events around the world every year,?perhaps also in a city near you.?

See the list of fairs and events we are planning to attend

If you are interested in studying at Lund University but cannot make it to any of the fairs we attend, be sure to have a look at?Study in Sweden?events in their event calendar, or join us for a webinar for prospective students.

See the Study in Sweden event calendar

Join?an upcoming webinar

International representatives

You can also get counselling from one of the education consultants that Lund University currently has a formal agreement with. At present, we have official representatives in China, India, Thailand and Turkey.??

Find contact details for our international representatives

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