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Master's information session

25 May 2020
Curious to learn more about options for Master's degree studies at Lund University? Attend the Master's Information Session!

An information session about study opportunities at Lund University

About the Master's Information Session

The Master's Information Session?provides?an overview of the range of Master's degree programmes taught in English and details about the application process. The event is hosted by International Marketing and Recruitment at Lund University.

Who can attend?

This information session is open to all prospective graduate students,?including visitors to Lund.?Special information is?provided for current international exchange students who are interested in?returning to Lund for graduate studies.

Visitors are welcome to?join a campus tour prior to the information session.


  • 14:30–16:00 –?Campus tour for visitors – meeting point for the tour is?at the International Desk, Stora Algatan 4 Lund.?
  • 16:00–17:15 –?Information session in the lecture room (H?rsal)?at Stora Algatan 4, Lund

Register to attend

Register here to attend the Master's Information Session?2020

Planning for a future application:

Held in May each year, the Master's Information Session is an ideal chance to start exploring your options for graduate studies ahead of the application period which opens in mid-October to mid-January each year.

In November,?we invite you to attend our Graduate Fair where you can meet with staff and student representatives from our range of 100 Master's degree programmes, join a campus tour and make sure you have all the information you need to make a complete?application.?

Read more about the Graduate Fair?

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International Marketing and Recruitment, Lund University

Please submit your question?about international Master's or Bachelor's degree studies through our web form.?

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