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We hold webinars for prospective students, applicants and admitted students, so you can meet Lund University staff (and in some cases students) online in this way at any stage of the application cycle. If you want to chat with one of our current students, this is also an option.

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If you want learn more about Lund University, our study opportunities and how to apply, our webinars are an excellent way to get more information. Depending on the time of the year, we offer webinars – and occasionally also Facebook Live sessions – for prospective students considering to apply to Lund University, for applicants, or for admitted students. In these webinars, we highlight the information that is the most relevant at that point in the application cycle, and you can ask us your questions?using the live chat.

Join an upcoming webinar

Some of our webinars are published on the webinar webpage?afterwards so you can watch them at your own convenience.?

Chat with?current students

If you are looking for a current student's perspective on a specific degree programme, studying at Lund University or student life, make sure to contact one of our student ambassadors?representing a range of countries and degree programmes.

Chat with?current students

Questions regarding degree studies?

You are always welcome to?reach out to us with questions regarding?the application process, your application, scholarships, or residence permits using the degree studies web form.?

Contact us regarding degree studies

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