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Do you want to learn more about Lund University, our study opportunities and how to apply? Attend the webinars ?for ?prospective students, applicants and admitted students!?

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About the webinars

The webinars are live, web-based video information sessions, presented by the International Marketing and Recruitment Team at Lund University. You can easily follow the webinars via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. During the webinars you will also be able to ask questions live, using a chat function. This is a great opportunity for you to engage with Lund University staff in person and to get the answers to your application questions.

How to attend a webinar

You can either attend the webinar using your computer or a handheld device.?

Attend the webinar using your computer:

If you prefer to attend the webinar using your computer, you can easily join the webinar by entering a?webinar-specific link into your web browser when the webinar is about to start. You can find the link for the webinar of your choice?below.

Attend the webinar using your smartphone or tablet:

If you prefer to attend the webinar using your smartphone or tablet, you will first need to?download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app (free of charge) at Google Play or App Store.

When the webinar is about to start, you open the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on your smartphone or tablet and choose 'Join a meeting'. The app will then ask you to enter the webinar-specific meeting ID. You can find the meeting ID for the webinar of your choice below.??

Webinars for applicants

During the webinar for applicants we will provide you with all the information you need in order to understand your admission results and to know what the next steps are, whether or not you have been offered admission to a programme at Lund University.

Upcoming webinars for applicants, with the topic 'Understanding your admission results':

  • Wednesday 1 April, 10:00–12:00 (CET)
  • Wednesday 1 April,?16:00–18:00 (CET)

Meeting ID: 212-758-695

Past webinars:

Webinars for admitted students

The webinars for admitted students provide iformation about the next steps after admission?for students preparing to come to Lund University.?

Upcoming webinars for all admitted students:

  • Monday 27 April, 10:00–12:00 (CET)
  • Monday 27 April, 14:00–16:00 (CET)

Meeting ID:?956-777-014

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