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The (1980s) Servo Ventilator that Bj?rn Jonson developed in the 1960s. On the right: Bj?rn Jonson today, busy with the development of a ventilator for COVID 19. Image source: The Medical History Society of Southern Sweden and private photo.

Rapid development of ventilator for COVID 19

27 March 2020
‘With age comes wisdom’ is an old proverb well suited to Bj?rn Jonson, professor emeritus in clinical physiology who is about to turn 80. He is...
Protective visor parts that have been 3D-printed

3D Printing Centre helping in fight against coronavirus

26 March 2020
Sk?ne University Hospital’s 3D Printing Centre normally produces surgical equipment and anatomical models used in health care. However, they are now...
While taking air measurements, Jakob L?ndahl and his research colleagues wear the same protection as the staff caring for coronavirus patients – masks, face visors, gloves and protective aprons. Photo: Sara Thuresson

Air samples from coronavirus patient rooms being analysed

26 March 2020
There are many questions concerning the coronavirus and infection prevention that need to be answered as soon as possible. One of the key questions...
Charlotta Johnsson (Photo: Tiina Meri)

Maths tutoring, visors and disinfection – volunteer initiatives continue at Lund University

25 March 2020
In the current extraordinary situation, voluntary initiatives and ideas have taken off at Lund University, at several different faculties. Everyone...
Oxana Klementieva (Photo: Agata Garpenlind)

New imaging method sheds light on Alzheimer's disease

25 March 2020
To understand what happens in the brain when Alzheimer's disease develops, researchers need to be able to study the molecular structures in the...
Photo: Kennet Ruona

Lund University students and staff to support health care system

20 March 2020
Medical and nursing students will now be able to join the fight against the coronavirus. The Faculty of Medicine and Region Sk?ne have reached an...
Infrared photo taken during the experiment

Dogs can detect heat with noses, study finds

9 March 2020
An international research team from Sweden and Hungary have discovered an entirely new sense in dogs: using their cold, wet nose tips, dogs can sense...
H?kan Nero (Photo: Olle Dahlb?ck)

App helps reduce osteoarthritis pain

5 March 2020
By performing a few simple physical exercises daily, and receiving information about their disease regularly, 500 osteoarthritis patients were able...
Oskar Hansson (Kennet Ruona)

Blood test enables early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

2 March 2020
Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease is often difficult, as several other conditions can cause similar symptoms. Researchers at Lund University in...
Kristina Sundquist (Photo: Johan B?vman)

Large grant for research on the genetics of alcoholism

28 February 2020
Professor Kristina Sundquist's research group at Lund University in Sweden has been awarded USD 2 million by the National Institute on Alcohol...
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