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LU Innovation – the University's innovation hub

The shortcut from research results to societal benefits
LU Innovation is the hub for commercialisation and innovation at Lund University. By commercialising knowledge from the University, we can help to create more jobs and increase growth, and enable valuable solutions to reach and benefit society more rapidly.

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At LU Innovation, we help students and researchers to convert ideas and research results into new successful products, services and methods for the market. We provide assistance in a number of ways, including:

  • acting as a sounding board and offering business development
  • patent advice and support on issues relating to intangibles
  • financing in the various phases of a project
  • help in legal and contract-related matters
  • knowledge relating to starting a company
  • an extensive network and important contacts.

LU Innovation consists of a public authority part and a company part, LU Holding AB. These both function as one unit with a joint task and joint management.

Through the company part, the University can work operationally by taking new innovations to market – either via? ?entering a joint partnership in research-based companies or helping to out-license research results to already established companies. ?

Since 1999, we have invested in close to 90 new research companies, which together have generated just over 3 300 person-years and over SEK 1 billion in tax revenues.

LU Innovation’s website

VentureLab is a part of LU Innovation and works to encourage entrepreneurship among students and help those who are thinking of starting their own company. VentureLab offers inspirational events, idea and business development and the opportunity to use free-of-charge office space in the incubator at Ideon Agora.

VentureLab’s website

Read more about incubators at Lund University

LU Innovation is also a hub for running projects and programmes in cooperation with other actors. One example is Innovationskontor Syd, which is a cooperation project between higher education institutions in southern Sweden. Another example is Swelife a strategic innovation programme financed by Vinnova and coordinated by LU Innovation.

Innovationskontor Syd’s website (in Swedish)

Swelife’s website

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Contact information

LU Innovation

Lotte Larsen
Communications Manager
Tel: +46 46 222 12 84
Email:?lotte [dot] larsen [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se
LU Innovation website

Postal adress:
LU Innovation
Lunds universitet
Box 117
221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Medicon Village, The Spark, Scheeletorget 1

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