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VINN Excellence Centre

Lund University is home to the Antidiabetic Food Centre – a VINN Excellence Centre, funded by the Swedish government agency VINNOVA.

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VINNOVA is a Swedish government agency responsible for innovations linked to research and development. VINNOVA finances research and strengthens the networks between research, business and society.

In total, VINNOVA funds 19 VINN Excellence Centres, which work to ensure that new knowledge and new technology lead to new products, processes and services. At Lund University, there is one VINN Excellence Centre funded by VINNOVA: the Antidiabetic Food Centre.

Read more at the VINNOVA website

VINN Excellence Centres on the VINNOVA website

Antidiabetic Food Centre

At the Antidiabetic Food Centre (AFC), interdisciplinary research is carried out on foods which could help prevent lifestyle-related diseases linked to metabolic syndrome, e.g. weight problems and obesity, type 2 diabetes?and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers study various food properties and ingredients, including new ways of processing food, with a focus on health effects such as glycaemic regulation, appetite regulation and cognitive performance. Fruit, berries, plants, wholewheat cereals, flour and probiotic bacteria form a basis for the development of innovative food concepts. Particular focus is placed on the effect of the gut flora on the metabolism.

Antidiabetic Food Centre (AFC)

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