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Cultural activities

Arts, music, film, museums and more

Student associations

Lund University has a wide range of?student associations that organise different groups for music, choir, drama, ‘spex’ comedy theatre, politics and more. Whatever your musical, theatrical or other interests are, there is a student association for you!

All Lund University students can access the individual or group practice rooms at the LIMUS music school, as part of an arrangement with Lund University's Odeum music centre.

Read more about the student associations

Getting involved

New students can find out more about the different associations and clubs at the Student Association Fair and the Lund Information Fair, which take place during the orientation/introduction weeks.?

University cultural and public centres

The University's cultural and public centres include music activities, libraries, discovery centres and botanical gardens. In addition, Lund University boasts several museums and collections?as well as the Faculty of Performing Arts' Malm? Art Academy, Malm? Academy of Music?and Malm? Theatre Academy. These cultural centres and academies regularly arrange concerts, public lectures and special exhibitions as well as provide a meeting place for students.?

The University is also home to a number of historical and cultural highlights, located around the Lund campus.?

Other cultural activities in Lund

  • Kulturen is?a cultural-historical museum?that?tells the story of Swedish life from the Middle Ages to the 1930s.?It offers?20 exhibitions, among which a new permanent one about the city of Lund, and the museum has an?impressive open air part where historic buildings and beautiful gardens are on display. ??
  • Mejeriet is a music and cultural venue in Lund that offers music concerts with well-known local and international artists, clubs,?film nights (including outdoor screenings in summer), Doc Lounge (where modern documentaries are shown), poetry nights and more.
  • Lunds Konsthall?is an art gallery that exhibits international contemporary art. The gallery mounts four different exhibitions every year.?
  • Cinemas in Lund include?Filmstaden (SF), Kino (independent?films) and Folkets Bio (at Mejeriet)
  • Theatres in Lund include Lunds Stadsteater, M?nteatern?and?Lilla teatern

More information and websites:

More information about upcoming festivals, theatre productions,?stage art, cinemas, galleries and more can be found on the Lund City website's Culture &?Leisure pages here

Moderna Museet, The Swedish Museum of Modern Art in Malm?
Photo: Miriam Preis/

Cultural activities in Malm?

Music venues

Around the M?llev?ngen area, or ‘M?llan’ as it is known to the locals, you will find many popular clubs and music venues. By Folkets Park is Debaser, where a wide variety of concerts and clubs are held, and Moriska Paviljongen, where you can dance or listen to live music. At the Carib Kréol, you can dance to Salsa music and Latin American rhythms.

If you are looking for a place with modern club music, Babel may be the club for you and if you prefer rock music, Kulturbolaget (KB) has concerts with local/national as well as international artists (including DJs).

Read more about music venues and cultural activities in Malm? at

Opera, musicals and theatre

Visit the websites of Malm? Opera and Malm? Theatre to learn about their performances.

Malm? Opera (mainly opera and musicals)

Malm? Theatre (theatre)

Art collections and museums

Moderna Museet, Malm? has a great collection of modern and contemporary art.?Malm? konsthall is one of Europe's largest exhibition halls for contemporary art.

The exhibitions at Malm? museer focus on history, nature, technology and shipping; you can visit Scandinavia’s oldest surviving Renaissance castle, see a submarine and much more.

Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborgs cultural centre

Cultural activities in Helsingborg

Cultural centre, concerts and theatre

Helsingborg has southern Sweden’s largest cultural centre, Dunkers, with art galleries, special exhibitions, local history exhibitions, international music, theatre, dance, cultural activities and activities for children. The Helsingborg tourist information centre is located inside Dunkers.

Close to Dunkers you will find?Helsingborg Concert Hall?and?Helsingborg Theatre.?The Tivoli music venue hosts concerts of all genres, stand-up comedy and the battle of the bands.?Sofiero (palace and gardens) holds?large outdoor concerts with national and international musicians in the summer.

Visit the websites to learn more:


Filmstaden (SF bio) is the main cinema in Helsingborg. R?da Kvarn?screens films and broadcasts live operas, concerts, theatres and ballet performances from around the globe.

Student associations

Helsingborgsspexet is the Helsingborg-based student comedy theatre group.

Read more at the Helsingborgsspexet website here.

St?mpus is the choir for the Helsingborg-based student organisation Stampus.

Stampus website

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