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Mentors and friends

Lund University welcomes approximately 3 500 international students every year. As an international student, you will have many opportunities to meet new people and get to know a different culture and a new language. You will experience new things, discover different aspects of life and meet people with different ideas, values and views on life.

new international students and mentors posing together in front of a tree

International Mentor Programme

To help you settle in to Lund and get to know your way around, Lund University offers an International Mentor Programme. The mentors help new students with practical matters and introduce you to various student activities and Swedish?everyday life.

The groups consists of five to seven mentors (either Swedish or international students who have been studying here already) and 25–50 new international students.

The mentor groups are a great way to start your social life and meet new friends as soon as you arrive in Lund!

International students consistently tell us that the international mentors are the best part of their arrival and introduction to Lund.

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