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Learning Swedish

Information for admitted students
As a student at Lund University, you have several opportunities to learn Swedish. These include formal Swedish language courses as well as more informal learning opportunities.

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Getting started before your arrival

If you are keen to learn some basic Swedish before your arrival in Lund, you can take the free online course ‘Learning Swedish’ offered by the Swedish Institute. This beginner’s course teaches you basic speaking and writing skills and gives you insight into Swedish culture and society.?The Learning Swedish course is available from the Swedish Institute's website, as well as in the form of an?app that can be used online or offline.??

Find the web-based Learning Swedish course on the Swedish Institute's website
Find the Learning Swedish app on Google Play (Android)
Find the Learning Swedish app in the?App Store (iOS)

If you want to study Swedish alongside your degree or courses

When you are admitted to Lund University, there are several opportunities for you to learn Swedish. Which options are available to you depends somewhat on whether you are an exchange student or a degree student, the duration of your studies and?whether or not you pay tuition fees. The following options are available for:

  • Exchange students: Introductory Swedish Language Course (SUSA, 3 ECTS) offered during the Orientation Weeks?and Swedish Language Courses (SVE, 7.5 ECTS per course) that can be taken as part of your study plan
    Learn more about these courses here
  • Students enrolled in a one-year degree programme: Introductory Swedish Course. You will receive a link to sign up for this course in early June
  • Students enrolled in a degree programme that takes over one year to complete: Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)
  • PhD students: Swedish courses for employees
  • All students: several informal language cafés where you can practise your Swedish
  • All students: paid courses at Folkuniversitetet

Learn more about these options on this webpage for current students at LU

If learning Swedish is your main purpose

Lund University's study Abroad Swedish Language programmes are designed for students?who want to come to Sweden specifically to learn the language.

Read more about the Study Abroad Swedish Language programmes

More tips

The Study in Sweden website provides other useful links and information regarding opportunities to study Swedish from?within Sweden or abroad.

Read more on the Study in Sweden website

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