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Student unions

Politics and student rights, social events, job fairs and projects
The student unions handle politics and student rights and are extremely active in contributing to the way in which the University is run.

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Through the student unions, students are represented in decision- and policy-making boards that concern education at every level within Lund University.?

The unions also arrange social activities, welcome events for new students, career fairs and a range of other projects and committees. As a student, you can easily get involved in the unions' work and seize the opportunity to gain leadership experience.

Student unions

Student unions consist of student representatives and course registrars and?have as their most important task to guard, maintain and improve the quality of the education at the University.?There are nine student unions at Lund University, seven of which are affiliated with Studentlund. The union you belong to depends on your subject area:

  • Faculty of Engineering students' union (Technologk?ren vid LTH/TLTH)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts students' union, for students of fine and performing arts?(Studentk?ren vid Konstn?rliga fakulteten)
  • Faculty of Law students' union (Juridiska F?reningen)
  • Humanities and Theology students' union?(Humanistiska och Teologiska Studentk?ren/HTS)
  • PhD students' union, for all PhD students?(Lunds Doktorandk?r)
  • School of Economics and Management students' union (LundaEkonomerna)
  • The Social Sciences students' union (Samh?llsvetark?ren)

Contact information for the student unions on

The unions are gathered under the umbrella organisation Lunds universitets studentk?rer (LUS).?

Visit the LUS website
Read more about?student life and student unions at Campus Helsingborg

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