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The Academic Society

The cultural hub of student life in Lund

The Academic Society Building (AF-borgen)

The Academic Society (AF)

The Academic Society (AF) is a non-profit student organisation run by and for?students,?with?the purpose of gathering and broadening?the cultural aspects of student life at Lund University. AF provides the premises and the support functions that allow connected organisations, irrespective of their size, to go through with initiatives that enrich the student life in Lund and that make Lund an attractive place to study.???? ???

The large AF-building (AF Borgen in Swedish)?in the middle of Lundag?rd?is?the centre of operations for AF and other student associations that are mainly?active in culture and media. The building itself is one of the most famous landmarks in Lund (see the picture above).??

You are always welcome to the AF-building?to study, take a coffee break in Café Athen or buy tickets for events at the "Studentinfo" information desk, located in the building's foyer. Here, you can also ask questions about the student life in Lund and purchase university merchandise.

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Activities hosted by the Academic Society

The Academic Society?hosts a number of activities, such as "Studentafton"?(interviews with high-profile guests), Scandinavia's largest?student radio station, student theatre, costume rentals, "spex"?comic musicals, lectures, debates, art exhibitions and?cultural events. The Academic Society is also the owner of AF Bost?der accommodation and the AF-building.

Visit the Academic Society website
Visit the AF Borgen website
Vistit the AF Bost?der website
Read more about Studentafton on the Studentafton website


If you have registered with Studentlund, you automatically become a member of the Academic Society. Benefits of the?membership include:

  • being able to join the waiting list for student housing offered by AF Bost?der accommodation
  • the opportunity to apply for various scholarships and grants?
  • discounts at Café Athen
  • free or reduced entry to various events at the Academic Society
  • the possibility to participate in?the Academic Society's activities

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Academic Society's scholarships and grants

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