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Student services

Lund University offers a range of services to facilitate day-to-day life for its international students.

the university library in spring

Faculty coordinators and study advisors

The main contact for most international students at Lund University are the international coordinators, Master's coordinators and/or study advisors at the faculties and departments. If you have any questions related to your studies at Lund University, these coordinators and advisors will be able to help you or refer you to the right person.

Study guidance at Lund University

International Desk

The University’s central?International Desk helps international students with a range of academic and practical matters. The International Desk also arranges?Arrival Day and the Orientation Weeks for new international students as well as different social activities throughout the academic year. The International Desk Facebook page?is a key forum for current international students on campus at Lund University, providing information on social activities for international students, local events in the region and Swedish cultural traditions.

The International Desk

See news and events?on the International Desk Facebook page

Careers Service

The Careers Service helps?prepare students for their transition into working life by giving seminars on the Swedish labour market and providing information on what recruiters are looking for. Careers support is available at several faculties.

Careers Service

Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre offers consultations and seminars around academic writing, presentation skills and study skills.

Academic Support Centre

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services offer learning support services and contact with specialist teachers and mentors.

Disability Support Services

Student Health Centre

Student Health Centre help students with problems with psychological issues. The Student Health Centre has counsellors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and a physiotherapist to support students.

Counselling at the Student Health Centre

IT services and support

The Lund University Servicedesk?provides help and support with students' email accounts, the Student Portal and the wireless internet access around campus.

IT services and support

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